Frederick Douglass Awards Dinner - Recent Awardees

VIRGINIA "GINNY" SLOAN in recognition of her championing justice with hopeful, fearless, brilliant, and passionate determination.
JASON FLOM in recognition of his fierce and fearless advocacy for justice.
VANITA GUPTA in recognition of her unwavering determination to secure equal justice and protect equal opportunity for All.
CLIFF SLOAN in recognition of his heroic leadership in Moore v. Texas and his remarkable pro bono contributions to advance the cause of justice.
RICHARD DIETER in recognition of his vision and leadership in making the Death Penalty Information Center the foremost resource for accurate information about the death penalty; his influence on the national trend toward disfavor of the death penalty; and his commitment to advancing human rights.
L.C. DORSEY (posthumously), DAVID LIPMAN, ANTHONY DUNBBAR, MICHAEL RAFF, and JOSEPH INGLE in recognition of their vision as Founders of SCHR and their lifelong commitment to advancing the cause of justice.
U.S. SENATOR CORY BOOKER in recognition of his dedication to advancing the cause of human rights and elevating the need for criminal justice transformation.
ARNOLD & PORTER LLP in recognition of their historic legacy affirming the right to counsel and their extraordinary contributions as co-counsel on behalf of adults and children accused of crimes in N.P. v Georgia.
DEBO P. ADEGBILE in recognition of his steadfast commitment to the principles of equality and unflinching efforts to guaranty the enforcement of the civil rights protections.
JOHN LEWIS in recognition of his dedication to protecting human rights, securing civil liberties, and building what he calls “The Beloved Community” in America.
CHARLES J. OGLETREE in recognition of his lifelong commitment to equal justice and for providing three decades of inspiration and leadership as Chairman of the SCHR Board of Directors.
DAVID W. DEBRUIN in recognition of his leadership and unshakable commitment to pro bono capital defense work on behalf of many facing the death penalty.
STEPHEN B. BRIGHT for his extraordinary dedication to and care for the people who have been most marginalized and discarded by society, new generations of young lawyers have chosen to commit their lives to working in the public interest.
E. BARRETT PRETTYMAN AND STUART STILLER-POST GRADUATE FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM, GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF LAW for providing talented law graduates with an unprecedented opportunity to learn how to be the best possible advocates for poor people accused of crimes.
C. WILSON DUBOSE A Georgia attorney whose heroic efforts paved the way for the states public defender system and for continuing efforts to ensure that every person charged with a crime is zealously defended by a capable lawyer with the resources needed to make an adequate defense.
PUBLIC DEFENDER SERVICE FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA in recognition of their commitment to clients, their respect for the dignity of every person and their dedication to quality representation and equal justice, on the occasion of their 50th anniversary.
MARTINA CORREIA for her work to abolish the death penalty, and her leadership in the international campaign to stop the execution of her brother, Troy Anthony Davis.
OFFICE OF THE ORLEANS PUBLIC DEFENDERS for its commitment to providing a vigorous defense of the accused and its leadership in reforming the New Orleans Criminal Justice System.
ANTHONY AMSTERDAM for his lifetime commitment to human rights.
OVER 80 LAWYERS, FIRMS AND ORGANIZATIONS representing people detained at Guantnamo Bay.
BRYAN STEVENSON for his leadership of Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama.
DONALD B. VERRILLI, JR. for his fight against lethal injection.
PHYLLIS MANN for her post-Katrina work in Louisiana.
WILBERT RIDEAU for his outstanding contributions to peoples understanding of the criminal justice and prison systems through his award-winning journalism, and his extraordinary perseverance in maintaining hope while being sentenced to death three times by all-white juries, the first at age 19, and during 44 years at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.
SETH WAXMAN & STEPHEN K. HARPER for the role they and many organizations and individuals played in bringing about the end of the death penalty for children.
REV. MURPHY DAVIS for her ministry to those on death row, on the streets, and in prisons.