The Southern Center for Human Rights


  • GULFPORT - The Southern Center for Human Rights is dismissing its "debtors' prison" lawsuit against the city today, according to officials.

    In a letter to Jeffrey Bruni with the city attorney's office obtained Wednesday by the Sun Herald, SCHR attorney Sarah Geraghty writes the city has remedied most of the issues introduced in the lawsuit Thomas v. City of Gulfport, which was filed in 2005 in conjunction with the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund.

  • ATLANTA , GEORGIA, October 30, 2006 –  HB 1059, Georgia’s sex offender legislation, has taken another hit as Sheriffs in several counties agree not to enforce a portion of the law.

  • Law forces Elderly and Severely Disabled People onto the Streets or Jail
  • Day job off-site not enough for expenses and $705 fine.

    All Ora Lee Hurley has to do to get out of prison is pay a $705 fine, according to her attorney.

  • AIDS deaths have decreased by 75 percent in four years at Limestone Correctional Facility

    There are 267 HIV-positive inmates housed in the Special Needs Unit of Limestone Correctional Facility. Improved inmate care has cut the number of AIDS deaths by 75 percent in four years. News-Courier photographer