CALL TO ACTION - Help Restore Voting Rights for People with Felony Convictions in Georgia

29th October, 2019

Thank you for your interest ensuring that all Georgian's have the right to vote. Take action by calling members of the Senate Study Committee on Revising Voting Rights for Nonviolent Felony Offender!




Sen. Randy Robertson
(404) 463-3931

Sen. Burt Jones

(404) 656-0082/(770) 775-4880

Sen. Mike Dugan

(404) 463-2478

Sen. Harold Jones

(404) 463-3942/ (706) 339-1424

Sen. Michael “Doc” Rhett

(404) 656-0054


Sample Script


“Hello, my name is ______________, I live in Georgia and I support expanding voting rights for people with a felony conviction in Georgia. I am calling to ask Sen. __________to support recommendations in the study committee’s report that will expand voting rights and eliminate obstacles to restoration. Everyone deserves a second chance and there is no good reason to keep people from voting for the people and policies that will best represent their community. When people with felony convictions can vote all Georgians will benefit from healthier, safer and more engaged communities.”


NOTE: If you have been disenfranchised because of a felony conviction, please share your story if you feel comfortable through emails, calls, and testimony. The members of the committee should hear the experiences of formerly incarcerated and previously convicted people in this state. It will be helpful for people who have been impacted to tell the committee the difficulties you had reentering society with a felony conviction, how you are contributing to your community, and why voting is important to you and your community.